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Robert Lee – ISAR Conference

Robert Lee

Robert Lee

MRO Trainer and Specialist

US. Coast Guard Passenger Vessel Regulatory & Rescue Planning Specialist

Mr. Lee is the Passenger Vessel Safety Specialist for the 11th Coast Guard District. The position oversees mass rescue planning as well as marine safety regulatory matters for the U.S. and foreign passenger vessel industry. He assumed the position in 2007. He previously served as the Coast Guard’s Pacific Area Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator.

In 1991 he entered Coast Guard active duty service. His first assignment was the assistant coordinator for the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety program in Alaska. His other assignments included Environmental Response Officer and Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative overseeing numerous oil and hazardous chemical spill responses for the San Francisco Bay Delta Region; explosive cargo handling supervisor; and Marine Safety Office San Francisco Port Safety Branch Chief. In 2005 he deployed to the U.S. Gulf Region to assist with emergency response to Hurricane Katrina. He retired from the Coast Guard Reserves in 2012.

Deployed to the U.S. Gulf Region to assist with emergency response to Hurricane Katrina
As a Coast Guard civilian his positions have included Commercial Fishing Vessel program coordinator for the Pacific Region. As the 11th District Coast Guard Passenger Vessel Safety Specialist/Mass Rescue Operations planner, he’s conducted a wide range of mass rescue exercises throughout California with foreign and domestic passenger vessels and major airlines. He’s also assisted with mass rescue exercises throughout the United States including the Arctic region. In 2010 he was temporarily assigned to the U.S. Gulf region’s response to the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup. Mr. Rob Lee is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of the University of California at Davis. He is also a certified Exercise Developer through the U. S. Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Management Institute.

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